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At Pest Control Warragul flea control services are designed in a way that is not harmful to you and your pets. Because of their small size fleas are difficult to find and get rid of. Thus, if you have a flea infestation then you will need the help of professionals. Our flea control Warragul team are available 24/7 to provide you with the best experience in the town. If you have pets then there are high chances of flea infestation. Therefore, our experts suggest you go for an inspection immediately if you see any related symptoms. The various benefits of choosing us are:

  • Our team is certified and trained
  • We provide you with our honest quotes.
  • Also, we take same-day and emergency bookings
  • We don’t charge any hidden costs
  • We are one of the top-rated flea control companies in Warragul.

Therefore you can contact us at 03 4050 7852 and avail our affordable flea pest control service in Warragul. 

Ways To Identify Fleas Around You

The various symptoms that can give you clear hint that your house has a flea infestation are:

  • Symptoms Of A Flea Bite

The various symptoms of a flea bite are:

  • Your pet scratches even more and is always in some discomfort.
  • You may see fleas hopping and flying around your house.
  • Your pet sheds more excessive fur than usual.
  • The skin of your pet has red and itchy patches.
  • How Does A Flea Look Like

The physical appearance of a flea is that they are so small that it is not easy to see them with naked eyes. These don’t have wings but their long legs help them to hop around. Fleas usually don’t spread any diseases, but their bites are quite itchy and cause a bump on the skin.

  • Cat Flea

Cat fleas attack your cats and live on their fur and feed their blood. These can cause discomfort to your cats. These have long legs that help them to travel places by jumping. Thus we suggest you get a cat flea treatment.

  • Dog Flea

Dog fleas are known to bite humans as well. These live on the fur of dogs and thrive on their blood. These are dark brown in colour and are about 1mm to 4mm long. Therefore getting a dog flea treatment is the best option.

  • Human Flea

Fleas usually don’t harm humans. But some might bite you if there is an infestation in your house, especially in your house. Their bite might cause a bump on your skin and cause a lot of discomfort.

Various Flea Prevention Tips To Follow

Flea extermination requires a whole process to be executed. But it is better to undertake preventive measures so that you can stop the infestation before it takes place. Thus various preventive measures are:

  • Make vacuuming your house a regular habit, because sometimes fleas camouflage with debris present on curtains. Or carpets and can eventually turn into a proper infestation.
  • Avoid any tall grasses and weeds on your lawn.
  • Always give a good bath to your pets, especially after you take them for a walk.
  • Keep your pet’s house, bedding, and other belongings clean always.
  • If your area is prone to fleas then use anti-flea products in your house frequently.

Our Effective Flea Control Procedure

It requires a whole step-by-step procedure to treat fleas in your house. The procedure that our flea control Warragul uses is:

  • Initial Assessment

This step involves a proper inspection of the whole property. This step is very crucial as it gives all the details about the infestation. This will help to choose a proper method of extermination.

  • Extermination Of Fleas

Flea treatment has various different methods that can be used according to the current situation. Thus, our flea exterminator will start with the extermination process and eradicate all the population of fleas.

  • The Chemical Treatment

We use any one of the available chemical treatments such as flea fumigation, insecticidal spray, pesticides, etc. These help to avoid infestation for a longer period of time.

Hire Us For Same-Day Flea Control In Waraggul

For reliable flea treatment for home, you can hire us for our same-day flea control service in Warragul. When you book our appointment under our same-day service policy our team will be at your service within a day of booking. Hence, you can rely on our world-class and unbeatable flea control Warragul service.


What is the best way to control fleas in my Warragul home?

It depends on the type of flea present and the level of infestation. Therefore, our team will guide you on the best method to control fleas at your house according to the situation.

Do you take bookings for the weekends?

Yes, our team of locals is available for weekends as well.

Is it safe for me to deal with fleas on my own?

If you have the right expertise and knowledge then you can deal with them on your own. Else, we suggest you get help from the professionals.

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